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We have options to cater for the full range of businesses and organisations.  Our content marketing includes testimonial videos, brand stories, inductions and OSH videos, live streamed webinars and corporate meetings.


Run and Work in Your Own Business?

sole trader marketing

Sole Trader/Partnership

Being a sole trader, you have very unique needs for your marketing, non the least managing your budget while still getting your brand out into the big wide world while managing your precious time.

Own and Run a Business Team?

sme marketing

Small to Medium Enterprise

SME marketing needs commitment and timing.  Knowing when and where to market your growing business is the key.  SME marketing should be focussed on sustained growth. 

Manage Entities For Maximum Results?

corporate entities marketing

Corporate Entities

Marketing within a corporate entity brings a new set of challenges namely how do you stand out from the crowd.  Utilising new technology such as live streaming events and meeting is the way forward.

sole trader marketing needs

Sole Trader Marketing Needs

As a sole trader or in a partnership, you need immediate results and the best return for your budget.  By utilising video content and focussing on your website you can present the your best face to the world.  Once you have you central sales channel set up, you can use content to drive traffic through social media channels straight to your website and convert this into sales.

Starting small and staying focussed on your customers will bring the best results allowing you to expand your marketing budget as your sales increase.

Get in touch to find out how we can help you achieve maximum bang for your buck when it comes to content marketing.

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SME Marketing Needs

As your company grows both in numbers and in customers it is important to continue to maximise on your marketing budget.  Increased use of social media and video content will help drive customer numbers so now is the time to create pre-roll ads for Youtube and Facebook so it is necessary to budget accordingly to produce professional, high quality video content.

You may need a refresh of your website and align your brand story to your new look or you may consider adding blog content that informs and helps your potential customers, this has been shown to convert extremely well.

By upping your social media presence you will bring increased brand awareness and by combining all of our content marketing strategies you will justify your ROI on marketing budget effectively.

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SME marketing needs
corporate entity marketing needs

Corporate Entity Marketing Needs

In the corporate arena you will have an established marketing budget however this may be aligned to more traditional channels such as print, radio and TV.  While these channels will prove effective at times, bold companies are taking advantage of the content marketing trends and creating exciting, clever and cost effective marketing campaigns based around social media channels.

By utilising video content combined with helpful websites and blogs, your corporate entity can stand out from the crowd and by providing this useful information, build brand awareness and increased engagement that ultimately leads to increased sales and customer retention.

Consider using Live Streamed PR announcements and strategies such as webinars, Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions with industry experts to build trust in your vertical.

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Creator Spotlight Program

Are you a creator of amazing videography content and are looking for not only a place to gain more views of your videos, you consider it important to be paid for your talent and creations.

What Is Our Program

creator spotlight programOur Creator Spotlight Program gives you both the opportunity to showcase your video content across New Zealand in a unique showcase situation, it also gives you a monetary return on your art.

Starlight Media House has access to be able to play your videos on monthly rotation in retail stores, cafes, restaurants and other service shops like chemists, travel stores, recreation based retailers, Doctors and other health service facilities and more.

In store video screens and digital signage can help drive sales for retailers and quality content is the key to increasing engagement and encouraging customers to stay in store longer, which helps drive sales.  We work with the retailers to match your content to the particular sales verticals: meaning the customers walking through the door.

In return for your video plays, we can help you gain more awareness for your brand AND we can also pay a split-revenue or a broadcast licence fee in return for your video plays. 

This Is A Unique Opportunity

This is truly a massive opportunity for you as a creator of content.  We have exclusive access into an untapped New Zealand market and your content is waiting and ready for eyeballs willing to appreciate your masterpiece.


If this sounds like you, showcasing your art and being paid for it then get in touch with us ASAP.  Fill in this contact form and we will get back to you in a hurry.

Creator Spotlight Program

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