Virtual Live Classroom (VLC)


What Is A Virtual Live Classroom (VLC)

A Virtual Live Classroom or VLC as we like to call them, is a session that is conducted via a Live Streaming Platform such as Youtube or Facebook, allowing you, the taker of the VLC to broadcast yourself – at broadcast quality HD up to 1080p no less (*depends on platform) – and can be multi camera live vision switched as well as bring in graphics, video content, web pages, powerpoint presentations and more into your broadcast.

It is best used when you have a group session such as a cooking demonstration or language course or anything similar where you would have the main information flow coming from the studio, platform, pulpit, classroom front or stage.

Basically it is your very own personal Television Studio Space

You turn up and we do all the production for you, Live Stream your amazing content out to your audience – we record it too – and after a quick edit, share your finished video copy with you.

virtual live classroom

Interactive Live Audience Participation

Your audience will be able to access the VLC through your Live Streaming platform and you can embed this into your own website.  By utilising the functionality of live commenting through your website, you will give your “class” members the ability to interact

Types Of Presentations Suitable For A VLC

There are many types of presentations that are suitable for a Virtual Live Classroom.  Among them are:

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  • Coaching such as group sessions
  • Product or skills presentations
  • Product demonstrations
  • Cooking demonstrations
  • Interviews
  • Panel style discussions
  • Training
  • Business presentations
  • Webinars

In fact any type of presentation that you can think of.

Book Our Virtual Live Classroom Today

We have the broadcast equipment and people available to run YOUR Virtual Live Classroom (VLC) sessions.

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  • Blackmagic 4K production switcher.
  • 4K and HD quality cameras.
  • Studio lighting.
  • Studio microphones and professional mixing equipment.
  • Live streaming computers (we know just how to set them up).
  • Years of experience in Online Learning in New Zealand (check out Pete Ward’s bio as he was the technical brains behind arguably New Zealand first Virtual Learning Centre set up for Te Wananga O Aotearoa back in early 2000’s).
  • Staff qualified in Broadcast and Television (check out Monique Bradley’s bio as she was training at TVNZ’s Avalon studios).
  • Live vision mixing software.
  • Green screen if needed.
  • Suitable sets (contact us for your requirements).

Earn Passive Income

By recording your VLC sessions, you can build up a resource library and offer access to all of your library resources as FAQ type Q&A’s.  By adding a membership component to your website, you can earn PASSIVE INCOME from your resource library, charging each member a monthly subscription for access to all or parts of your library.

It all starts with your great knowledge and content, broadcasting your Virtual Live Classrooms to a private group on Facebook or LIVE to Youtube and building your audience and memberships to your website.

Some Of The Questions We Get Asked

How many people can watch?

As many as you can muster, each person watches your stream from where they are.

Can I use "skype"?

Yes you can, you need to totally trust the other caller if you are going out LIVE, but yes, contact us first to discuss.

I/We are a bit nervous, can you train us?

Yes we run training sessions on presenting to camera, interview skills, content and script writing and more.  Enquire about our courses and training well before the time you want to book to ensure you are practiced and ready.

Can I use my powerpoint presentations?

Yes you can, we can bring slides in live mixed into your VLC as you are talking.

Can I have more than 1 speaker?

Yes you can, just let us know so we can organise it.  We recommend a panel discussion is no more than 4.

Can I use green screen?

You may, it takes a bit more work for live and is limited to 1 camera so it all depends.  Contact us with your requirements.

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