Social Broadcasting


What Is Social Broadcasting


What exactly is this “Social Broadcasting” and why does it matter to you?

Social Broadcasting can be defined as:  

The broadcasting of video, text and pictures directly to an intended audience through social media channels such as facebook, Youtube, Instagram and other channels as opposed to traditional channels such as radio, TV and print.

By defining social broadcasting this way, we can see that it can be very useful for marketing and in general terms, promoting your message directly to the followers of brands and people.

Social Broadcasting Is The New TV

social broadcasting is the new TV

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We provide solutions to broadcast your brand through social channels.  You can broadcast your message across multiple channels at the same time.

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What Can We Do For You?

We work with you to help define your message, broadcast that message and promote it through social media channels.

Social Broadcasting is about using the social media channels such as Facebook and Youtube to deliver LIVE streamed TV styled shows directly to the intended audience and have them interact back with you IN REAL TIME.

This promotes your brand by building a large audience at the top of the sales funnel, bring awareness and warm leads that can be funneled through to your website and into your sales process.

Broadcast Your Brand LIVE On Social Media

Broadcast YOUR brand LIVE through social media channels:

  • Get followers
  • Get exposure
  • Get Known
  • Get Sales
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social broadcasting live


We all know video works to sell your offerings, now social media channels go out of their way to build your audience for you, telling YOUR customers and their friends that you are LIVE RIGHT NOW.  This is the perfect way to build your audience and leads into the top of your sales funnel. 

Make sure you have compelling content and competent, experienced brand ambassadors on camera promoting you in the best possible light – If you need help with that, we can provide that service too – Well known, experienced TV presenters with years of training.