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Social Broadcasting 

Social Broadcasting Is The New TV

Everything you need to promote your brand, product, service, cause or event.

We start with video content that influences your customers to make a positive, informed buyer decision.

Then we broadcast your message through social media channels – The New TV – directly to your waiting audience.

Virtual Live Classroom (VLC)

A Virtual Live Classroom – or VLC as we like to call them – is an interactive tutor led session broadcast directly to social media where “students” or VLC participants are spending their time and consuming media on a daily basis. 

Running from either a public platform such as Facebook or Youtube, your VLC is broadcast LIVE and comments from students can be replied to in real time.  Further, as each session is recorded, every question can be edited into a single FAQ video and indexed on your website for use as a resource library.  Using this library, you can earn PASSIVE INCOME from all of your past Virtual Live Classrooms by setting up a membership website.

You can use private Facebook groups and secure video hosting platforms to offer exclusive paid-for content to selected members only.

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Every SME believes they have a service or product that can meet the needs of somebody in the market place.

The biggest challenge is that many SME’s don’t have the expertise to tap into that marketplace and to deliver their message directly to the people who have that need.

We help you by clarifying your message, your communication and creating video commerce based content that supports your goals of connecting to your audience and we help you broadcast that message to the world.

In a competitive marketplace, SME’s must constantly be targeting new clients, engaging with them and highlighting what makes your SME business different and establishing why you are the experts.


“Our ‘out of the box’, innovative digital strategies guarantee that your business stands out from the crowd and becomes a leader in your industry”.
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Starlight Media House is a specialist video commerce company that promotes brands and products through innovative use of content marketing and live streaming.  We provide Social Broadcasting services utilising appearances on camera for you, your brand or service and for select products that we believe in.

  • Utilise TV styled video shows to get your message across
  • Employ video commerce to speak directly to your audience
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Boost sales return
  • Market in exciting and innovative ways
  • We promote who you are and what you do through the effective use of video content

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