YourFixTV Streams Social Broadcast For Venus Network NZ

Monique Bradley and Pete Ward, Social Broadcasters who work for you as YourFixTV present a video for you to understand exactly what Social Broadcasting is and how you can use it in your business to:

  • Promote your brand message
  • To advertise on social platforms and build a direct response campaign
  • To share information and product launches
  • To LIVE stream events
  • To run Virtual Live Classrooms and tutor people over the Internet
  • Provide product demonstrations and extra helpful content

How Does Social Broadcasting Work

Social Broadcasting is all about using OTT (Over The Top technology) to live stream either a “live” situation OR a rebroadcast of pre-recorded content directly through to your target market, sitting on their devices and watching the Internet channels such as Facebook, Vimeo, Twitch and Youtube EXACTLY like they are watching TV.  In fact, we believe that Social Broadcasting like this IS the new TV.

All brought to you in Full HD, LIVE and happening, on every device YOU choose.  You see we believe it’s all about the people, it what YOU want to see, not what some broadcast network wants to sell you.  And then there’s the content and advertising possibilities, they are endless……

Take A Look At The Video

So take a look at the video, head over to YourFixTV to take a look at the blog post written by Monique Bradley and start considering how you can integrate Social Broadcasting into your business workflow, advertising and marketing plans and ultimately, business growth through increased revenue plans, and we all want more of that don’t we?



Read The Blog At YourFixTV: