YourFixTV Rebranding For Starlight Media House

Starlight Media House – you are reading our blog – are rebranding.  

This is exciting news and strikes at a time where we are rapidly shifting away from traditional digital marketing.

During the past 5 years, we have been providing digital marketing services, strategy, websites and social media marketing to SME businesses right across the length and breadth of New Zealand.

We have become increasing drawn to Social Broadcasting, LIVE streaming using OTT (Over The Top technology) to provide video broadcast content for our clients, sometimes live streamed, sometimes pre-recorded and re-broadcast at a later time, alway focussing on TV styled, rich content with high production values.

YourFixTV Platform

As part of this exciting rebranding, we are moving all of our services across to the YourFixTV platform.  February 2017 marks 1 year of YourFixTV operation and it’s time to make it official. 



Come and join us at YourFixTV for great content, your opportunity to LIVE stream and utilise Social Broadcasting to grow your audience, your brand, your social reach, your reputation in the marketplace and just have a darn good time along the way.

They say “Content Is King” – well we say:

The King Is Dead, Long live the king


Pete Ward and Monique Bradley for Starlight Media House, now YourFixTV


How To Find Us


Email: [email protected]

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Oh and also, Our Starlight Media House Twitter is now @PeteandMonique and you can find us at and on YourFixTV exclusively at