Hi! Pete and Monique here from Starlight Media House

Social Broadcasting is the new TV. Chances are, even if you’re watching traditional TV, you’re looking at your phone, your tablet or your computer at the same time.  It’s called ‘double screening’ and not only are you doing it, your ideal client is too. 

We’ve recently launched Social Broadcasting with former Masterchef NZ judge, RayMcVinnie and the results were stunning. Live, interactive broadcasting through social channels, where Chef cooks in realtime and can answer viewers questions…..It truly is the new era of ‘Food TV’. It’s not just holding your phone over your coffee in a cafe….This is broadcast quality, all the way. Take a look at the screen-shot-2016-11-02-at-7-44-53-pmbroadcast here.

Thursday, we’ll be online with our own Social Broadcast via Facebook.  It’s a show called ‘Social-Lights’ and it’s an online Q & A, similar to a webinar, with the focus being on the things YOU NEED TO KNOW for each of your social media platforms to get better results.

If you’re utilising social media marketing and you haven’t quite got the results you want, this broadcast is for you. We’ll be Social Broadcasting every Thursday with ‘Social-Lights’ plus, you can join us for ‘Techomania Tuesdays’ where we help you with all things technical.

This is a great way to get a feel for Social Broadcasting and see in real time how valuable it is for lead generation, interactivity with your target market, growing brand awareness and drawing more people into your community, inevitably leading to sales.

So whether your company is about food, technology, property, design, fashion, beauty, parenting, printing (and the list goes on….) check out our broadcasts for both free hints, and to see Social Broadcasting in action. 

And when you’re ready to get greater reach and greater results, let’s talk. 

Stay helpful,

Pete & Monique
Starlight Media House.