LIVE STREAMING to social networks is “The New TV”

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YourFixTV is our Social Broadcast network where we host exclusive shows produced by YourFixTV and great content we find all over the Internet.

Social Broadcasting

Broadcast YOUR brand through social channels.  Social Broadcasting is the new TV.

We Present For You: 

Let us present or MC your product launch or live event, film it or even LIVE STREAM it, we can speak for you.

Attraction Marketing: 

Attracting buyers to your brand and promoting you are what we do best.

Video Marketing:

We promote your product or brand directly through social media and other channels.  Let us spread your message, loud and clear.

What Is Social Broadcasting?

Social Broadcasting is the new TV 

How Is It Different: 

By using social channels to broadcast your brand message, you are targeting your audience right where they are – on social media.

What Do We Use: 

Video, sound, text and graphics, directly targeted to your audience, on demand or LIVE.

How Does It Help You: 

Create Attraction for your brand and Promote your message through the most effective channels.

Build Your Campaign

Follow our proven method for building your campaign.

determine your strategy

Determine Strategy

Audit your brand and plan your strategy.

establish capacities

Establish Capacities

Build your platforms and choose your channels.

execute your campaign

Execute Campaign

Run your campaign and promote your goals.

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